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After-Run Off-Delay

On an After-Run timer module the main battery power input is connected to unswitched power. Output automatically activates when ignition switch power is applied to input-1. Once input-1 has activated (triggered) by removing power to input-1, a timing sequence will begin, keeping the output active until the preset Off-Delay time has elapsed. This After-Run Off-Delay duration is specified when ordering and can be configured in, seconds, minutes or even hours. If the input-1 signal changes state during or after the off-delay timing has elapsed, the output will reactivate and cancel the off-delay timing.

Series SS1-AR After-Run Off-Delay Timer Module SS1-AR After-Run Off-Delay Timer Module 12/24VDC

  • After-Run Off-Delay Module Developed for the Mobile Engine and Equipment Market
  • Can Withstand High Vibration, Fluctuating Voltages and Extreme Temperature Conditions
  • Solid State Output Can Be Configured as Either a 10A High-Side or 1A Low-Side Output Signal
  • Compact Weather Resistant Design Utilizes a Standard Automotive Style Relay Socket
  • Two Digital/Analog Inputs Can Be Configured to Each Customer's Requirement
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Customizable Using Online Configuration Tool or with Custom Software

Base Price $49.50