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Repeat-Cycle Timer Module

On a Repeat-Cycle timer module the output automatically activates as soon as input-1 senses a contact closure signal. Output will remain active until the time T1 has elapsed. At the end of the T1 active cycle time, the output will deactivate and remain inactive until time T2 has elapsed. This Repeat-Cycle will continue as long as input-1 senses a contact closure. Any change in the state of input-1 will immediately deactivate the output signal and reset the timer.

SS1-TR Repeat Timer Relay 12/24 VDC SS1-TR Repeat Timer Output Module 12/24VDC

  • Repeat Timer Module Developed for the Mobile Engine and Equipment Market
  • Can Withstand High Vibration, Fluctuating Voltages and Extreme Temperature Conditions
  • Solid State Output Can Be Configured as Either a 10A High-Side or 1A Low-Side Output Signal
  • Compact Weather Resistant Design Utilizes a Standard Automotive Style Relay Socket
  • Two Digital/Analog Inputs Can Be Configured to Each Customer's Requirement
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Customizable Using Online Configuration Tool or with Custom Software

Base Price $49.50