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(1x Output)

SS1-C Custom Engineered Miroc PLC (1x Output)

Canít find what youíre looking for with our standard product offering? The SS1 custom engineered modules are idea for applications requiring only one output and up to two independently configured inputs. The SS1's output can be configured as a high-side, low-side signal or a PWM signal. Since this module utilizes the latest in microprocessor technology, our products can be easily customized by our engineering team to meet your applicationís specific requirements. Our modular software design allows us to economically create custom programs even for low volume prototypes.Please contact DFX Technologies, LLC technical support with your specification.

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SS1-Custom Engineered Micro PLC SS1-Custom Engineered Micro PLC 1x Output

  • 1x Independently Configured High-side or Low-High Output
  • 2x Independently Configured Inputs (Analog or Digital)
  • Optional Modbus 485 Communication Port
  • Optional Time Adjustable External or Internal Potentiometer
  • Custom Software Engineering Specific to Customer Requirements
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Customizable Using Online Configuration Tool

Our Price: $49.50