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(Reversing Output Polarity 2x Inputs)
The SSH high power H-Bridge module is designed to control electric motors and actuators. The reversing output polarity is capable of controlling electric motors and actuators up to 5A and is used in a variety of industrial applications such as: linear actuator control, proportional valve Control, DC electric motor control. In combination with the configurable input signals, the H-Bridge outputs can be programmed to function to a predetermined specification. The SSH uses the same powerful microcontroller used in the SS1 and SS2 and can be easily customized to a specific requirement.

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SSHB Actuator - Motor Controller SS-HB-Bridge Actuator / Motor Controller

  • Actuator / Motor Controller
  • Designed to Withstand High Vibration, Fluctuating Voltages and Extreme Temperature Conditions
  • Heavy-Duty Weather Resistant Enclosure
  • Solid State Reverse Polarity 5A Outputs
  • Inputs: 2x Digital/Analog Inputs Can Be Configured to Each Customer's Requirement
  • RoHS Compliant

Base Price $57.00